Character, leadership, and citizenship are the fundamental qualities teachers are looking for in their student of the month candidates. A potential student of the month will be a diligent student, completing their assignments on time while showing strong effort to learn their subjects. They will demonstrate excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, while also being well mannered and respectful, to peers and teachers. Their citizenship quality will be displayed by their willingness to help fellow classmates and demonstrate leadership in integrity. 

There will be one winner from each grade level, each month. The 9 winners will receive their certificate, reward, and be announced to the school to come to the office for a group picture. 

Good luck to all MP students and may your hard work be shown throughout each month this school year!

    • Ainsley Ogden, Alexis Perry, Billy Staszak, Madilynn Perino, Kyle Hedge, Brady Fort, Rylee Hogue, Taylor Brandt, Weston Averkamp
  • May 2020 Winners
    • Colt Morrison, Sophia Maxwell/Crayton Chapman, Maddox Morales, Abigail Halsey, Branson Hughes, Rylee Hogue, Delaney Puleo, Caleigh Rick, Gabrielle Maxwell
  • April 2020 Winners
    • Hadley Jackson, William Staszak, Gavin Coleman, Cora Chapman, Jaxon Neu, Emily Mullins, Zeb Maxwell, Drew Norton, Beyonce Hogue
  • March 2020 Winners

    • Jacob Ashton, Kyle Nelson, Sophia Sly, Jack Oslanzi, Kendall Read, Piper Stenzel, Lila Coleman, Noah Sallee, Reese Puleo
  • February 2020 Winners

  • January 2020 Winners

    • Natalie Cosmutto, Shielisse Bermudez, Brailee Bennett, Lincoln Hebel, Josie Mitchell, Brooke Durkee, Rhoin Zopp, Emmett Liberg, Paxton Miller

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